Educational Resource Development Centre based in Karachi, is a renowned institute of teacher training and material development, actively striving to improve the quality of education in Pakistan since 2000 through its myriad activities and its skilful and multi-faceted team of experts and professionals.

ERDC has been providing academic services and facilitation to both public and private sector organizations across Pakistan. In the broader picture, ERDC defines its activities in the following three domains:
1. Training – enhancing human effectiveness
2. Material development – providing tools of competence building
3. Consultancy – strengthening institutions

In the domain of training, ERDC has successfully trained thousands of teachers, school heads, administrators, coordinators, master trainers, parents, students and community leaders on over 200 different issues and topics through workshops, lectures, short and long term certificate courses that are offered throughout the year.

ERDC also offers HEC recognized degree program MBA-Educational Leadership for education managers, school leaders and teacher trainers in collaboration with a private university PAF-KIET.

In the domain of material development, ERDC has developed over 90 publications comprising books and resources for children and teachers on various subjects, and introduced highly professional and qualitative trends in this area. Its publications have received Presidential Award for the best children’s literature from Govt. of Pakistan and are also adopted in UAE and UK.

ERDC has provided consultancy support to schools and educational institutions. Consultancy support involves complete institutional improvement plans and initiatives to give value and meaning to their efforts. ERDC has worked in the areas of school needs assessment, curriculum development, assessment tools development, and teachers’ and management training.

ERDC is a self reliant, not-for-profit, private organization which is registered in Income Tax Department as per the laws of Government of Pakistan.